Why choose Woocommerce for your online store

We will see together why choose the Woocommerce plugin for your online store and by this opportunity to answer some questions that have been asked of me lately.
Launched in September 2011, WooCommerce currently holds more than 7 million downloads and is one of the world’s most downloaded WordPress plugins.
Woocommerce is today in full expansion. Why is it so popular and one of the most popular Ecommerce solutions today?
Let’s look at the main features of the Woocommerce plugin.
WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress site into your new online store .
It supports products, stock inventories, payments, delivery methods, different taxes, customer management, shop statistics …

Here are some important points of the WooCommerce Ecommerce solution :

– 100% Open Source and Free
– A flexible and secure solution
– Proposed by a WordPress agency known worldwide
– A large community of developers
– Thousands of extensions.
– Thousands of compatible WordPress themes.
– Easy to use and without computer knowledge
– Integration in a few clicks on WordPress
– Portability of data
– A large number of easily integrable third-party solutions (transport, payments)
– All the benefits of WordPress
– All types of products (simple product, variable, virtual, grouped)
– All types of payments (Paypal, Transfer, Credit Card, Bitcoin etc …)
– All types of delivery methods
– Tax
– Discount Coupon Management – Complete Sales Reporting

Woocommerce Themes

WooCommerce themes are available in the thousands, some are free, others are paid.

I suggest you choose your theme on a professional website selling paid themes. Take the example of Themeforest , (the most recognized platform in the world of selling themes and WordPress plugins) or simply choose your theme on the site of the founder of Woocommerce, WooThemes.
One of the great strengths of the Woocommerce solution is obviously the unlimited choice of Woocommerce professional themes . You will easily find your theme for any online sales activity, private sale, sale of products and services, care, IT products, travel, outings, etc …

WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce extensions are available in the thousands, some are free, others are paid.
You can find any type of extension, some to improve the management of your customers, your products, add specific delivery methods or other modes of payment, such as the integration of the virtual payment of your bank .
You will also find extensions to enrich your online marketing (newsletters, private sales, special coupons, etc …), or even extensions of statistics .
To properly search for an extension that you need for the proper functioning of your shop, please type in Google ” woocommerce plugin + (keyword)“. Do your research in English preferably. You will have more choices.

So, what are you waiting for to launch your Woocommerce online store?
If you want the integration of a graphic Woocommerce e, the configuration of an extension or just a complete training to manage yourself your shop , appealed to my services. I am a WooCommerce Developer since the launch of the Woocommerce solution in 2011.  Contact me now.


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