Modify wp-config.php from within WordPress by plugin

Something that until now seemed impossible, at least with so many options, is already possible. You can now modify WordPress constants from the file wp-config.php from within WordPress, even if you do not have FTP access.

And it’s possible thanks to Config Constants , a fantastic plugin – although still in beta, so do not get too excited on sites in progress – that allows you to modify, from a simple interface, constants of the WordPress configuration file.

The only requirement is that the constants must already exist in your file wp-config.php to be able to modify them, so if in the future you intend to modify them (a very common and useful one would be to activate the repair of the database through WP_ALLOW_REPAIR) it would be interesting to add them, even if deactivated, in case of urgent need to be able to pull Config constants.

These constants that you can modify are:


For now, as you can see, most are especially useful for developers , but the idea is to add more in future versions of the plugin.

Another functionality of the plugin is that you will know what constants already exist in your, wp-config.php because if they do not exist they appear dimmed in the plugin settings screen, so you will not be able to activate or deactivate them.

You will also like that next to each constant there is an information icon that links to the Codex page with the documentation on that particular constant, so you know what you are doing.

The best of all is that it is not a plugin that leaves you tied, because any modification you make through the plugin is perfectly reversible by manually editing the file wp-config.php and vice versa. Also, if you decide to stop using the plugin you can check the last box of its settings screen to return all the constants to their default values; simple, effective and very useful.


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